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Trying to convince your parents for late marriage Shadi Junction is here to help

t is very often seen that society urges individuals to get married at a specific age and those who disagree are considered to be rebels. In fact, for centuries, men and women have been chastised for remaining single to marry the right person later. Finding the proper person, in all honesty, takes a lot of time, work, patience, and understanding, and it’s totally fine if people want to take their time.

Matrimonial websites are the most recent trend in the matchmaking industry. Shadi Junction, which is one of India’s fastest-growing matrimonial portals, brings together millions of single hearts on one platform to help them find love.

This matrimonial site believes there is no golden age for marriage; it is a decision that requires much consideration and prayer. Here is a list of myths that surround the concept of late marriage which are being decoded by Shadi Junction:

1. You don’t have to rush for kids

One of the biggest reasons that society asks people to get married early is that conceiving a child becomes difficult for women when she reaches her mid-30s. Even though this is scientifically true, still couples can conceive late if they follow a healthy lifestyle. These days many artificial methods like IVF, IUI, surrogacy also exist to help in conceiving children and adoption is always an option. Many people don’t even want children and it is completely OKAY. Marry when you feel like it.

2. Zeal of the youth ‘does not’ fade away

It is believed that as you grow old you start losing the spark and you are no longer as active as you were in youth. This notion is completely wrong as enthusiasm varies from person to person. One individual might be less zealous in their youth but can be full of life once they grow old. If people feel good in a relationship then they will have that spark no matter what the age.



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